How to Keep Gnats Out of Your Home


If you see gnats outside the home or in the kitchen, it is time to take action! You’ll see grants more often during the summer because they’re attracted to moisture, however, they can become a problem in other seasons as well. Gnats enter the house searching for food and have chosen your home because they smell organic material. Decaying leaves, rotten fruit, and wet sinks or potting soil are all of gnats favorite things.

Common causes of gnats:

·    Moisture: Moisture caused by moist potting soil, water in grass or plants, spilled food, spills in garbage cans, etc. attract gnats to the home. Check pipes for leaks and ensure the causes listed here aren’t to blame for gnats’ problems.

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·    Decaying Organic Material: Mold, moss, compost, potting soil, and fungi are decaying organic material sources that can attract gnats to your home.

·    Fruits and Vegetables: If you leave sweet fruits and vegetables out in the open, gnats may find their way to them in a short time.

·    Humans: Like most pests, gnats are also attracted to humans. It is more of a sweet smell or a sweaty smell that gnats like so remember to stay clean and freshly shaved to ensure gnats are not in the home after you.

How to Keep Gnats Away

You should remove all organic, decaying material from the home, to keep gnats away but do not stop there. Be sure to remove dead material from the top of the soil and put away all food. If there are leaks in the home, get them fixed at once. There are tons of benefits of repaired pipes. And, of course, be sure to cover trash cans. It may be necessary to call in a professional for gnat removal saint simons island as well.